Beyond 2015 – A prophetic Outlook by Peter Kumar

Taking your mountain Joshua 14:12, 13 Caleb says Give me the mountain. Few will POSESS. Many will compromise. We need to prepare to POSESS Exodus 3: God tells Moses to take the people and worship Him on the mountain. Moses takes the people out of Egypt. Moses and the people did not go up the mountain. They compromise instead of possessing. Caleb possessed what Moses failed to possess.


1)   A sense of Fear will begin to spread across the GLOBE. The greatest fear will be regarding personal lives. Terror will rule the world.

2)   There will be an up rise of the spirit of RELIGION in nations. The spirit of Islam, Hinduism and Catholicism will rise and manifest in many ways. More people will die in the name of religion. Islam will grow rapidly in Europe, Great Britain, Canada and also Australia. The Catholic Church will make huge changes in their set of beliefs and become very permissive. The GREATEST HARVEST in history will accelerate through the outpouring of the Holy Spirit all across Asia, Africa and Australia

3)  Racism will turn ugly in the western nations. It will not stop with white and black – It will begin to affect Asians and Hispanics living in Western nations.

4)   Technology will advance at a rapid pace that more and more people will adopt devices which will be convenient to use. The devices will help people to look at the face of the person to whom they are talking. Telephones will have clearer screens. In some ways television and telecommunication technology will merge. This will connect people globally.

5)   More research will happen in Space and the depths of oceans. People would look for ways to build shelters in the moon and in the depths of ocean. Space travel will be promoted in a big way.

6)   The western World will face another spell of financial Crisis. USA, Britain and many countries in Europe will begin to experience financial crisis from end of April. Australia and New Zealand will have a steady economy even though their dollar will drop slowly.

7)   There will be more political instability in most of the Islamic nations. Leadership will be challenged in Syria, Egypt, Bahrain, Pakistan and Iran. Many people will be massacred in the name of political offenders. Many more Christians will be targeted and killed. There will be more bloodshed.

8)   Russia will join hands with China for major trade issues; they will not depend on sanctions from America or Europe. Russia will become stronger.

9)   Many Jews will seek peace treaties with Arabs. Many joint financial ventures with Jewish and Arab partnerships will emerge. Israel will be forced to give away part of Palestine as a gesture of peace.

10) There will be assassination attempts on key leaders. We need to pray earnestly for President Obama, Benjamin Netanyahu, and the prime minister of Egypt.


1)   USA will have more challenges both within and outside. There will be another financial crisis beginning from end of April. This will once again affect the aged retired people and those with jobs. The job market will slowly shrink.

2)   House prices will continue to drop in many states.

3)  Huge businesses will look into more avenues in other nations for investment and recruitment.

4)   Racism will become uglier and it will begin to affect both Asians and Hispanics. Crime will become more rampant.

5)   Hilary Clinton will slowly emerge as a leader.

6)   Alternative lifestyle such as Homosexuality and Bisexuality will be accepted as part of the fabric of the nation. Teen and children practicing sex will rise conspicuously.

7)   There will be more natural calamities like earth quakes and unusual weather patterns.

8)   The dollar will be challenged and become weaker from August 2015.

9)   There will be a greater cry among the young people for GOD and GOD’s presence.

10) Many church leaders will be exposed of their compromise largely in their marriage and finances.


1)   Canada will experience unusual weather patterns – both cold and drought. This will affect their crops.

2)   Canada will work hard to keep their economy growing. They will strengthen their ties with China to begin with and also with Russia for the purchase of oil and other resources.

3)  There will be huge efforts made to make banks work in ‘SEMI partnership mode’ to keep the economy stronger. This will strengthen property and investment revenues.

4)   Americans will begin to migrate to Canada for job opportunities and better wage.

5)   Canada will continue to support Israel


1)   Many South American nations will begin to experience financial crisis. Crime will increase rampantly.

2)   Islam extremists will enter certain countries. There will be a lot of resistance. Islam will step in with aid packages.

3)  There will be few earth quakes and unusual natural calamities.


1)   The strength of the Euro will be challenge. Economy will continue to crash in many European nations. European Union will become lenient with Russia and China to keep their economy in balance.

2)   More people will lose jobs all across Europe.

3)  A spirit similar to Nazism will surface bringing a fresh outpouring of racism and violence.

4)   Europe will have a hard view on Israel and they will also differ with USA in certain dealings.

5)   Islam will increase violently all across Europe. Terror tactics will be on the rise.


1)   China will begin to gain control over many Asian countries. It will nurture Singapore as a financial hub to draw many international investments through Singapore. Singapore will become a viable gateway for entire Asia. Singapore dollar will become stronger.

2)   India and Indonesia will strengthen trade ties with China. Trade relations will improve between Asian nations. The currency of Asian nations will continue to stagger and be weak.

3)  There will be several attempts for political unrest and violence in Indonesia, India, SriLanka, and Thailand by groups within who will challenge government policies.

4)   China and Indonesia will experience more earthquakes. Major ‘Tsunami’ kind of floods will be seen in. India, Philippines and. Bangladesh

5)   Pakistan, Afghanistan and Malaysia will continue to shelter militant terrorists.


1)   Africa will open doors for China to step in to boost their economy.

2)  There will be more bloodshed in Africa. Also, an outbreak of more plagues. Many people’s lives will be wiped out.

3)  Islamic influence will continue to tighten. Many will reconvert to Islam.

4)   Many signs and miracles will be performed by the church. There will be REVIVAL in many African countries.

5)  Certain African currencies will begin to merge politically and economically.


1)   China will strengthen its ties with Australia, New Zealand and make its presence known in most of the Islands in the South Pacific.

2)   The leadership of the prime minister in Australia will be challenged. A new leader is emerging.

3)  The economy will be more stable than many western nations but the dollar will stagger in Australia and New Zealand.

4)   There will be major earth quakes in New Zealand in the Christ church region and large scale floods in New South Wales and Queensland region.

5)   Americans will begin to migrate to Australia. Australia will also open up for Jews to migrate into Australia.


1)   That denominational walls will loosen to bring forth more unity.

2)   That churches will usher in the passion for souls

3)  That the spirit of GOD will touch those in the market place to raise a prophetic generation among them.

4)   That we pray against persecution of believers in nations.

5)   That an army of young people will rise up around the Globe to shun evil and desire holiness

God Bless you all,

Your brother in Christ,

10th January 2015