Sound the Alarm

One of the greatest revivals of all time began at Azusa Street in Los Angeles in 1906. The wretched former stable burned so brightly with the glory of God that for a time it was called “the second most famous address in the world.” God can do it again, and will, if we want it enough.

Every revival in history seems to be the result of a few people becoming so hungry for God that they wanted Him more than oxygen. Those who have such hunger will not be denied. It’s time to seek a revival that becomes the most famous address in the world. It’s time to seek a move of God that won’t quit moving.

I’ve seen in visions and dreams the destruction that is destined, especially on our West Coast. This has caused some to say that I have a hatred for our West Coast, which is not true, but rather the opposite. I really can’t help what I dream, and though a psycho analyst might say it is the result of deep feelings, I know these are prophetic dreams. They never leave me pleased, but rather I’m grieved enough to take all of the heat for sharing them with the hope that people will listen, repent, and they will not have to come true.

I’ve also seen the harvest that is coming at the end of this age. Why can’t the destruction be preempted by revival? If God saved wicked Nineveh with the preaching of Jonah, would He not save the potential millions who could be lost in impending disasters? We have the sure testimony of Scripture that He would much rather do this.

So why doesn’t He? He’s waiting for those to arise who will lay down their own lives and agendas to become the intercessors He must have. He’s waiting for preachers to arise who are willing to stand against any amount of scorn, ridicule, or persecution to declare God’s truth, righteousness, and justice without compromise. He is willing. Are we?

The Lord lit the fire on the altars of His tabernacle in the wilderness and the temple in Jerusalem. He then commanded the priests to keep these fires going. Likewise, only God can start an authentic revival, but only man can end it by not keeping the fire going. For this to be done, there must be an underlying hunger for God and willingness on the part of His people to sacrifice their own purposes to give themselves for His purposes.

I’ve had to prophesy many negative things over the last few years, and like it or not (and many don’t), we have a track record of accuracy. Quite a few have listened, evaluated, believed, prepared, and have prospered. I know the prepared will prosper in all times, but I would rather not prosper because of catastrophe. Our first goal should be to warn so that the catastrophe does not have to happen. Everything will be settled and made right on the Judgment Day, which is what I’ve resolved to live for.

Our West Coast is about to be shaken like it has never been shaken before. I am encouraging everyone I know to pray for more time, but we don’t have much time. Others also have been seeing similar things along the New Madrid fault line along the Mississippi River. Some have seen this linked with when the U.S. puts serious pressure on Israel to divide Jerusalem. There are amazing parallels between things we have done to Israel with natural disasters that have struck our country. These are not a coincidence.

My bringing these up after the Japan earthquake hit did create one more controversy in a long list of controversies in my life. I don’t like controversy, but I realize that not much can be accomplished in these times without it. Though I do not claim to have handled or articulated any word perfectly, and I do spend a lot of time second-guessing myself, in this case the more controversy that is stirred up by this word the better. It is a true word, and the controversy is causing more people to talk about it. Some on the West Coast have started hearing for themselves, even some of the most vehement doubters, and for this I am very thankful.

Even so, the day this begins to unfold on our West Coast will be the worst day of my life. I learned a long time ago that you are unlikely to get credit for accurate prophecies until you’re dead and no longer a threat. For this reason, I don’t even consider being vindicated. I would much rather be wrong about this one, but I know I’m not. Since the Japan earthquake and tsunami, I have been feeling the grief more and more for our own countrymen that are on our West Coast.

I am thankful too that so many great churches and works of God are on our West Coast, and hopefully all of them can be spared and be like a Goshen. I know great churches and great saints will be needed there like never before. I have considered that this may be why they are not hearing this word—God does not want all of them to leave. We must be praying now for the strengthening and protection of God’s people on our West Coast, that they will be mightily used by Him, and that many will be saved for every one who is lost in the impending disasters.

The greatest need of all is for voices of repentance to come with the anointing of John the Baptist, or even Jonah, that would bring the conviction and the repentance that would compel the Lord to give us more time. America must have another Great Awakening to make it through the crises we’re now in, but we are in immediate need of revival on our West Coast. Please join me in praying for this every day.

Some of you have expressed a desire for me to stop talking about this, expressing concern for how it is hurting my ministry. First, I really appreciate your concern, but really, I don’t think it is hurting me, but even if it was, I am not here to build a ministry or to have a reputation, but simply to do God’s will. As we discussed last year in the WFTW (word for the week), there is a “burden of the Lord” that those who would be His servants must accept when it comes. My biggest concern is that I’m so timid that I fail to give the warning in a way that people can hear. Every alarm has to be annoying to wake us up, and I’m very happy to be annoying if it helps people to wake up. Even so, thank you for your concern.

Rick Joyner
MorningStar Ministries